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liberation of free formaldehyde in the urine and when this does not

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law of included for healthy animals the full value and for affected cattle

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inquiries so that the number of inquests in Montreal is rela

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days before she consulted him. On examination it was found

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infection as we fight diphtheritic infection and as we are beginning to fight

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during the acts of coughing and crying is partly reduci

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were greatl swollen and vegetating and discharged purulent synovia.

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and other affections. Many of om useful drugs have found their way

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the right broad ligament when the nature of the tis

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urine should be examined and her blood pressure taken.

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and the temperature. The bradycardia appears to be a

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and then the surfaces came into excellent adaptation.

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found void of blood whilst the pulmonary artery up to its

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which time nearly two hundred people have been treated. From year

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through the sciatic nerve terminals and not through the

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acquainted with the past history and present condition of its litera

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Transactions of the Calcutta Medical Society for the years

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Dm AivAH H. DoTV. Ilralih Jflucr gt gt i the Port of

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observed. If the eyelid swells or projects over it and

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for others that there is no place left for criticism

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ing him and his past was a complete blank he could recall

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Puncture and evacuation through the abdominal incision

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made by which those who were really needy should be placed

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mav lie dormant until some excess or congestion of the mucous

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stage is marked by an aggravation of the symptoms just

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and absolute quiet are essential items in the success of

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Are those two spongy organs one on either side situated

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to a sanatorium the chances of cure of an early case were

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The present Pasteur Clinic at the Research LalK rat ry foot

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already described. The whole plant yielding its juice

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