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sisting on poor and scanty food and consuming an excess of tea. As
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side to the lecturing theatre seating two hundred students and equipped with two
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r e in the production of the disorders just enumerated
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was administered to rats by bolus intravenous injections. In one
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curred in a moderately young individual and the parts
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fisiologia applicato alia chirurgia umana. Morgagni Na
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pression may become permanent or at least unnecessarily painful and
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swelling around the anus and vulva and wartlike elevations anywhere
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bed on a stretcher and artificial respiration kept up.
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As the flies deposit their eggs in fresh manure their re
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by Dr. Brewer aodcr tbe title of the MetropoliUn Buildings Act
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tine and lost much of its fragrance. Its smell resembled that
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tained no reference to it. The use of phlebotomy for a number of
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Court let stand a lower court ruling that rejected physi
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seeks to destroy the small islands of cancer tissue
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between the two conditions. Judging from a fairly exhaustive
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different times and hence he concluded that the pulse pressure was not
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METHODS EMPLOYED Isolated islets were rapidly frozen against a
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water and oil must have a larger quantity of calories and are therefore
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sciences there are signs which indicate that by slow degrees we are
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The urine of the hypertrophic liver is usually of normal specific gravity
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may however produce collapse and atelectasis of the corresponding
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There are obviously two ways in which the pulmonary alveoli may be emptied
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would experience pain while the other felt well. They
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grasp will you have any disposition to steal it though you value
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any rate many cases were overlooked and indeed led to
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also that of ectopic pregnancy by the same means. In
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