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the condition is not relieved the patient assumes a
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well understood. Fitz in a masterly manner gave a brief history ana
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This presentation by Fischer of his theory concerning
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conforms to the best usage among surgical textbooks viz..
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lesions to the middle and inferior cervical sympathetic ganglia affecting the
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ing to the Outlook for February 24th. now totals nearly a
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produced in them is untit for infants use. The legal standards of purity
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deal of pain with the movements he said he had piles.
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tion was invited by the Managers of the Pennsylvania
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mal. Physical examination showed no disturbance of the
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jection in the second circle alternating with those in
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stages enteroptosis with floating kidney and hyper
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is but the exciting factor the underlying true cause
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track inspector was struck by the Empire Express and was thrown about
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Medical Convocation at Trinity University when in addition to the pro
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In all cases the general treatment outlined with attention to the special
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should be removed. Generally the first consideration is the alleviation of
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move the testicle. On splitting the testicle I find
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had suggested putting in decalcitied chips of bone between the ends of
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