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My Weight Loss With Essential Oils- Young Living

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Learn my top 3 essential oils for weight loss and tips on how to use them. These oils allowed me to lose with within 3 days without changing my diet or exerc…
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Power of Lemon and Lemon Essential Oil For Burning Fat Subsribe to channel to get more Videos: You have to watch this video on the deto…
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kathy jo tourtois December 17, 2014, 4:50 pm

i do have everything you have shown except the tea. when i make my shake i
do presoak chia seeds i keep in the fridge at all times , and add around
3-4 tbs. kinda heaping to my shakes . it helps fill me up more and i tend
to not want to pick as much through out the day . i also take my balance
complete and my pure protein complex and i also do the power meal shakes
too . i take these with me ready to mix or already mixed to functions and
when we travel . i love that these come in vanilla because i add EO’s for
what flavor i want. currently im hooked on orange n tangerine …..taste so
good . i so wish young living would sell their own chia seeds . ok i could
talk all day on oils n YL ! have a great thanksgiving and hope to see more
videos .

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