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loss of sensation. He could feel that the head of the
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Editor of the Journal and as efficient worker to the modern
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the seat of the obstruction was sutured to the edges of the
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of which will be to bring this question before the High Court.
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Health Scotland Act 1S97 gives important new powers to
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tity lungs very anaemic heart fatty with atheroma above
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resulted within twelve months of the first symptom were
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fident that the public when it knew the facts would endorse
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The Senior Vice President reported that on.lanuary 6th
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and after necropsies of which there are no records the cause
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witli but a very brief allusion to this interesting condition
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was able to tighten the lower portion of the broad ligament
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fying for a registrable licence to practise medicine surgery
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minuria and the blood is watery therefore it is not good to
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one thing quantity of energy liberated and the rate of its
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A Victim to Duty. Precautions in Bengal. The Regulation of
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years ago. The reports of the meeting were abbreviated but