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tions to Chairman of Medical Committee by January 28tb.
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cystotomy. Ho had treated over 100 cases of piles by the in
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Battalion the SoutU Lancashire Regiment resigns his con f.sion and
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interchange of opinion between medical men except on rare
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under the new Act are never likely to be entirely suppressed.
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recognised. And it is to be noted that the results have been
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was also much less marked in horse i than in horse 2.
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independence which an honourable profession should claim
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inquiry I wished to make the resources of his stafl were
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auditors. The election of a president was deferred to a future
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purative appendicitis which ran a very rapid course and
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had syphilis tlicugh he had taken every possible care to ex
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culty by assimilating the practice of the medical to that of
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bered the sentences Ich will Fleisch esseu Ich will
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increased the legs became markedly rigid the knee jerks tremendously
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death in these cases was due to respiratory failure. It is
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making an examination of a patient in the prone position